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Peter Anastos & Iter is a San Francisco Bay Area-based group that plays a mix of post-bop and “Greek Jazz”. “Sintiasmos” (or combination) reflects the incorporation of common Greek folk song foundations into Peter’s original compositions which provide improvisational opportunities for the band.

The Iter concept, developed by Anastos, is a musical journey down the Roman road, or iter, of jazz.

A great program of modern jazz; original ideas with colors of the masters. The arrangements involve the whole band, adding lots of movement and dimension. Peter's strong melodies bear the personal stamp of his ear for the piquant interval. From buoyant to mysterious, classic to challenging, these are the iterations of Peter Anastos.
— Tenor saxophonist and composer David Slusser

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707 Marina Vista, Martinez, CA

Peter Anastos & Iter + Bouzouki + Bagpipe at Armando's on August 10th at 8:00 PM. We'll be joined by George Mylordos (bouzouki) and Lynne Miller (bagpipe) as we try to conquer jazz with American, Greek, and Scottish flairs. Hope you can join us!